How to sell land? Sell ​​fast and get the price.

How to sell land? Sell ​​fast and get the price.

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Land is one of the 4 factors and is also the first. To do business in what to do most of the land. I have a lot of land. And the land is what it is said to invest. It is used up. Land can not be increased anymore, it is limited, so the price of it is always increasing. In the eyes of investors. Once purchased, it will be the best thing to do with inflation, because the price will always rise above inflation, but nevertheless … even if land is important and expensive. We often find people complaining that they can not sell their land or sell it slowly. Some are selling for a year. I still have not bought. This seems to conflict with the importance and value of the land mentioned at the beginning. This may be the problem with the way the sale …


How to sell land quickly or slowly, it has many factors as such.


  1. Price is not appropriate. Or set too expensive. Often, the problem arises because the seller sets a price too high. It is the mood that you want to sell. This makes That’s a lot of sales.

Solution: Before pricing We must first explore the price of our land. It can be seen from the appraisal value by hiring an appraiser to evaluate the price. Or go to the assessment of the Department of Lands. The price is quite low. The price is used to refer to the state tax in the case of trading, or may be used to look at the price of adjacent land plots sold earlier. The location and the price before.


  1. It is not widely recognized. This is another possible cause. The land is of great value if it meets the needs of the people. But we are really interested. Maybe it’s not easy.

Solution: Find out how to advertise your land sales as much as possible. Or better if we can find a target audience, such as our land next to the water. Beautiful scenery. May be presented to the entrepreneurial group or restaurant investors. Or hotel If it meets the needs and the price that he can develop to make a profitable business. Our sales opportunities will be higher.


  1. The land is in an uninteresting location, such as adjacent to a slum community near a cemetery or near a factory. This may make selling difficult. It is a place that people do not like. Especially want to buy a house to live.

Solution: Must find a specific group that will interest this type of land if it is land near the factory. We may contact sales to other industry players if we look good. The potential for land in accordance with a certain group of people. And when the target group. We are offering this, which can increase our opportunity to sell our land.


This is a problem and solution, which is a way to sell the land. We go out faster. We need to understand that. Even land is something that is worth having. If it was not presented to those who really care. It will not sell out. And to sell this price. We need to study information and understand. There is only one piece of paper and then the hawk will be sold at a price. We need to understand and analyze it. And if you want to sell fast, we must find a target, then the sale of land will not be difficult and have to wait longer!

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