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Makita 5377MG Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Hypoid Saw

Makita 5377MG Circles are a multi-brand device. Very diverse in the market. Especially if you are a beginner looking for circular saws. You may not know what you want. Most often, they are similar. Or the circular saw in your hand cannot meet your needs. We suggest or help you buy more circular saws. We will explain the important details of the Makita 5377MG Circular Saw. What is the consumer demand? And meet the needs of those who are reading now.


Sawmill Makita 5377MG

  1. High-performance motor up to 15 amps or 1800 watts up to 4500 rpm with compressed coil technology which makes it compact and durable.
  2. The saw blade consists of magnesium (13.2 lb or 6 kg) making the saw lightweight, allowing for smooth operation even in difficult situations.
  3. The technology of the washbasin installed in the fan and gear. This ensures that the oil is maintained at all times. At this point, it reduces the need for repairs.
  4. Large rubber handles Easy to use with one hand.
  5. Have a comfortable handle.
  6. The maximum cutting angle is 22.5 degrees 45 degrees and 51.5 degrees (cutting can be 2-3 / 8 “at 90 degrees).
  7. The wires are stronger. For more durability.
  8. Easy installation of letters and rulers to be large and easy to read.


Makita 5377MG Circular saw fit?

  1. A company or industry that needs a cutter or circular saw to work.

The Makita 5377MG has a variety of functions and is ideal for cutting work in the field. Cutting and Cutting And even more, to make it easier to use.

  1. For those who want to cut the device to work. Or a person looking for a circular saw.

For those who are looking for circular saw blades in the workplace or are looking for new circular saw blades. If you know the purpose or requirements of a job, what kind of circular saw would you use? Or do not know what kind of circular saw Makita 5377MG will be your choice. Designed to be easy to use. Resistant to use. And respond to the requirements as manufacturers can do.



Makita 5377MG is one of the circular saw products. Whether it is the oil generated in the fan and the gearbox to help reduce equipment repairs. Or even a design that captures these little things is what makes you even more comfortable, even if it’s not your main purpose. If you are talking about using all the pages, whether it’s a proper cutting level, the Makita 5377MG is the perfect cutter or sawmill.


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