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Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200 Air compressor The pneumatic pump is popular in the industry, whether it is large, small, or even household size. Whether it is electricity, water supply, equipment that benefits and helps the industry a lot. Today there are many compressed air products on the market. But how many people know that? And what should we know? It is important to know how to use this device very hard. In this article, we will present the features. Makita MAC5200 air compressor why you are right.

Compressor Makita MAC5200

  1. Equipped with powerful 3 horsepower motor with 6.5 CFM air pressure at 90 PSI air pressure to increase compressive force.
  2. Because the compressor is designed from cast iron and large. This makes the machine cool down faster, enabling it to work quickly and efficiently.
  3. The pump has a lubricant. Helps control temperature to cool faster and reduces wear.
  4. The body of the air compressor is cast iron. To reduce the wear and tear of the device and extend the life of the device for a longer time.
  5. Can hold up to 50 feet at line size 3, 8 “section.

Air compressor Makita MAC5200 suitable for anyone?

  1. Suitable for companies and industries that use compressors to work.

Companies and industries that use compressors in operation will have to have the problem that the machine must be suspended to cool down, wait for the machine to cool down, wait to resume work. Makita MAC5200 is a compressed air castor that is better than normal. It can work quickly. And reduce the time to work. It is suitable for use in industry.

  1. Suitable for people who need a portable air compressor. The size is good, compact but with a large quality equivalent.

You can carry this device anywhere, anytime you want. And there are many additional functions, such as the lubricant directly at the pump to help control temperature and reduce wear. Or even the compressed air chassis is designed as a cast iron that will allow you to work continuously and quickly. The Makita MAC5200 air compressor is ideal for those who want a fully functional device.


If you need a good quality air compressor. You need to know the amount of air required to work. Know the air pressure required. Purpose of work And the motor power of the machine. Or even how to maintain equipment, the Makita MAC5200 can meet your needs properly. Whether it is a feature. The device design is comfortable to use. And functions that reduce your work time.

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