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Makita XFD061 18V LXT Lithium-Ion COMPACT Brushless Cordless 1/2″

Makita XFD061 18V Cordless Drill has been developed from other products or from the user’s perspective on where it should be improved, making Makita a new product that meets the needs of consumers. Very much Whether it is a compact size, lightweight handle that comes out to fit the user’s hand. And even less attention to detail, the LED flashlight that increases the brightness of the work. The speed of the machine and so on, but the details are not enough to help consumers make a purchase. So we will take you to know more about this product. What qualities have been developed to meet the needs of consumers?


Cordless drill Makita XFD0611 8V

  1. Can adjust the speed of the equipment from 0-400 & 0-15050 RPM to help you drill in a variety of forms.
  2. The motors of the device have a power of 530 Lbs.
  3. The motor is a brushless type motor designed to make the device more durable. This makes it possible to extend the life of each charger by up to 50%. It can also produce higher torque than other types of batteries.
  4. The equipment included in the package.

– Makita Cordless Drill Model XFD061

– 1 battery 3.0 Ah

– Battery Charger Equipped with innovative LXT that will allow you to charge up to three times faster and help control the battery power is effective.

  1. Compact design with a size of only 7-1 / 4 and weighing just 1.7 kg to reduce fatigue for those who have to work for a long time.


Where is the Makita XFD061 cordless drill?

  1. Suitable for those who need quality equipment.

For those who are looking for quality equipment. The use. Design The Makita XFD061 18V cordless drill is a part of your equipment. This device is designed to meet the needs of consumers. The Makita XFD061 18V is a compact, lightweight body.

  1. Suitable for people who work with the cordless drill for a long time and use it as a main occupation.

With a compact and lightweight device of just 1.7 kilograms, it will reduce your work fatigue and will, in turn, increase your work time. In addition, the handle is specially designed to fit the body so it is easy to control. And the special handle is made with rubber. To help relieve fatigue when you hold the device for a long time.



How are you What kind of device do you like? We would like to like it because it was designed to meet the needs of the consumers of this size. It also increases the comfort in various areas. Speed Extremely durable battery type so you do not have to buy new equipment often. And even with the LXT’s innovative battery charger, you can charge more quickly, so you can get up and running faster without having to wait too long.


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